Friday, September 9, 2011

Creative Ways to Decorate on a Budget

The HGTV show Design Star recently had an episode that focused on designing on a budget. The designers had the task to decorate a living room on a small budget. The designers showed how it is possible to design a striking living room decor by repurposing common items in creative ways and through careful shopping.

The designers were creative in their ideas to repurpose items. For example, they used colorful rugs to reupholster stools and used books placed on hooks as bookshelves. The designer’s ideas went out of the box and had wonderful results.

As the designers in Design Star demonstrated, all you have to do is to look around you for inspiration. Discount stores, flea markets and yard sales are great for this. You may find a console or coffee table with a shape you like, but not the right finish. A can of paint is often all you need to turn that piece from a cast off to a striking accent. Changing the hardware is also an easy way to update a piece of furniture. Another smart way to save is to put new shades on lamps you have or great lamps you find. A new shade can completely change the look of a lamp. Refinishing some new finds, or some pieces you already have, will also save you money to spend on one really great accessory or furniture piece.

So follow Design Star’s example and repurpose, refinish and be creative. Careful shopping and a little creativity will result in a fabulous space. For more budget friendly ideas visit

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