Friday, August 12, 2011

What are Etageres?

Etageres are simply shelving units. They became popular in France in the late eighteenth century. Their main purpose was to showcase the valuables of the owner.

Etageres are light pieces of furniture consisting of several shelves used for displaying things. Often the shelves of the etageres get smaller as they moved up the unit. Etageres can be very elaborate and decorative or they can be sleek and simple.

Etageres are similar to the English whatnot. Whatnots were popular in England in the nineteenth century. The many shelves provided display space for knickknacks, which was common in middle-class decorating at the time.

There are many styles and designs of etageres. They can be made of wood, iron, glass, metal or even plastic. These pieces of furniture are great to store and display books, collectibles, plants and more. Etageres are a perfect functional and decorative addition for your living room, office or dining room.

Consider adding etageres to your decor. They are both decorative and useful furniture pieces. Visit to see the large selection of etageres available.

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