Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School Means Time to Organize!

It is back to school time again!  Time to get supplies in order for the new school year, and to organize yourself for new activities and obligations. It is a good time to organize your desk and yourself. Below is a list of items that will help you get started.

Desk                   It all starts here. A good desk will hold everything you need.

Mail organizer     Keeps your mail and papers organized and in one spot.

Bulletin Board     Great for invitations and notes.

Shelves               Useful way to neatly store items such as books, storage bins, desk items, etc.
Storage boxes   Good for small items like paper clips or to organizing desk supplies or papers.

Magazine rack    Neatly stores your magazines and newspapers.

Calendar              Keep track of upcoming events and activities.

Chalk Board        Perfect for notes to family and self or grocery lists.

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