Friday, July 29, 2011

Look For Less- Gold Mantle Mirror
A decorative mantle mirror is a wonderful accent for a fireplace mantle, for your foyer, or to place over your dining room credenza. It will add depth and interest to your room. Mirrors with an arch and a richly ornamented top are reminiscent of parlor mantle mirrors from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. They are an elegant way to dress up your space.

The lovely mirror on the right features a frame with a highly decorated top and sides with a delicate top arch. It has an antiqued gold colored finish and is a large size. It is available at a leading national retailer for $359.00.

The striking mantle mirror on the left also features a frame with a richly ornamented top and sides and a top arch. It also has an antiqued gold colored finish and is a large sized mirror. The mirror on the left is available at Cheap-ChicDecor for only $217.99.

It is not necessary to spend a lot to get the look you want. With careful shopping you can find a similar piece with the same look, for less money. Visit for more looks for less.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Accessorize Your Dresser

How to properly add accessories to a bedroom dresser is a question we are always asked. It is so easy to add too much. They key is to add just one, or just a few accessories, keeping them in proportion to the size of your furniture.

On a smaller dresser, one interesting piece such as a decorative jewelry box or unique sculpture may be all that is necessary. On a larger piece of furniture, for example a triple dresser, several elements could be used. A vase could adorn one side while placing an elegant photo frame on the other side. Decorative perfume bottles can be placed in the middle.

Another great option to accessorize a dresser is to use a few books with decorative bookends on either end of the collection. Reed diffusers are another decorative option that will also provide a nice scent to the room. A small tray on the dresser top  is perfect idea for placing perfume or cologne bottles. It will keep any excess perfume from staining your furniture. Small decorative boxes placed on top of the dresser are useful for storing things you use every day, such as rings, watches, cuff links or hair accessories.

Overall, remember less is more. You don’t want to clutter your dresser top. For more decorating ideas visit

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unique Rain boot Wall Art

We love this fun rain boot wall art! Add a touch of whimsy to your space with this decorative piece! This unique and colorful boot shaped wall art is a striking touch for your mudroom, foyer or child’s bedroom. It is crafted from metal and features bright and shiny colors that will brighten your decor. For more details visit

Friday, July 22, 2011

Accessories for a College Dorm or Apartment

Add these great ideas to your list when you are shopping for items to bring to college for your dorm room or apartment.

Storage Baskets- Organize your stuff

Lamps- Add more light to your bedside and desk

Photo Collage Frame- Great way to showcase photos from home

Bulletin Board- Keeps things organized

Vase- for flowers, fresh or silk

Area Rug- Adds warmth to the room- and your feet on a cold morning!

Hooks- Use for robes, towels, hats etc.

Mirror- For vanity and will add light and depth to your space.

Pillows- Adds color and a soft place to lounge

Reed Diffuser- Add a pleasant scent to your room or bathroom

Clock-So you will get to class on time

Serving Bowls and Trays- Great for popcorn and late night snacks

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Plants Will Enhance a Tuscan Decor

An important aspect of Tuscan decorating is to bring nature to your space. Create an Italian feel in your home with plants and fesh flowers. A window box, pots, and planters are great ways to accomplish this, both inside and out.

Plants and flowers bring a warm and homey feel to any room. Try placing vases with fresh flowers on a table in your foyer for a welcoming feel. Plants on plant stands, in floor and wall planters or on shelves will be ascetically pleasing as well as soothing in your kitchen, family room or office. A deep windowsill is a great place to house an indoor herb garden. An herb garden is both practical for cooking and also decorative for your kitchen.

Outdoor window boxes planted with colorful flowers will enhance the street appeal of your home. Colorful plants in hanging baskets and big planters on your porch create an inviting entrance to your home.

It is easy to bring the warm feel of Tuscany to your home with plants and flowers. Adding plants or fresh flowers inside and outside your home are all it takes to create a warm and inviting Mediterranean atmosphere. For more information on Tuscan decorating visit


Monday, July 18, 2011

Zebra Print Ottoman- Pick of the Week

We love this fun Zebra Print Ottoman! Add some pizzazz to your room with this unique footstool. The beautifully crafted zebra faux leather stool features black nail heads, black wood legs and the top opens up to a storage compartment. This stool is ideal for storing remotes and magazines while providing a comfortable spot to prop your feet. This zebra ottoman is truly an accent that will add some life to your existing decor! Visit for more details.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Craft Organization

If you like to do crafts, you know that proper storage is the key to keeping your craft materials ready to use when you need them. The correct size containers will ensure that your supplies stay in the proper condition without damage. Drawers, boxes and containers and racks will also help you organize your supplies so they will be easy to find. If you have a craft room, there are also many options of craft furniture that are great to keep your things organized and tidy.

I love to scrap book. I keep my scissors and tools in one container and my paper in one and embellishments in another container. This way I can easily find the right things when I need them. I use a large rectangular container for my paper so the pages don’t bend or crease. It is important to choose the size and type of container, rack or furniture that works best for you and the type of supplies you have.

Overall, organized craft materials will make you more productive. There are a large assortment of storage options out there to choose from.  For more storage ideas visit

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pick of the Week- Wrought Iron Tuscan Wall Planter Set

I love this Tuscan wrought iron planter set!  What a great summer accent!  Decorate you home with flowers or plants inside or out with this useful hanging planter set.  This great set of three different sized wall planters, will bring a rich Tuscan feel to your kitchen, sunroom, covered porch or patio.   For more details visit

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wall Grilles

Metal and wrought iron wall grilles are a simple way to bring a Tuscan ambiance into your space. Wall grilles are metal wall decorations that are usually fabricated of wrought iron or bronze. Wall grilles find their origins as a decorative way to cover a vent or to protect an opening such as a window or door.

Wall grilles used as a wall decoration, bring a rustic and homey feel to any decor. There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from. They are traditionally square or rectangular, but now round ones can even be found. The styling can be very open with scrolling and other designs or more solid and substantial. A typical design found in many wall grilles is the fleur-de-lis. Wall grille plaques can combine wood or even mirrors into the design of the metal. An open design will provide an airier feel. This is true even with a larger sized piece, which makes them a great way to fill a large wall without overpowering the space. The color of your wall will show through, bringing it into the design.

Wall grilles can be used as decoration both inside and outside your home. There are many designs available that are able to weather the elements outside. A wall grille on the outside wall of your home will add an interesting decorative touch to your patio or a design element to the front of your home.

Wall grilles make a great focal point for any space. Use a larger one alone or several smaller ones together to decorate a wall. Consider incorporating a wall grille into your home’s decor to bring a decorative Tuscan accent to any space. 

Visit to see the large selection of wall grilles available.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuscan Decor on Rocco's Dinner Party

I saw an entertaining episode of Rocco’s Dinner Party on Bravo recently.  This week his contestants had to deliver an Italian family style dinner to his guests.  The style had to carry over to the decor as well.  I loved the Tuscan ambiance created in the decor on the show by Fabrizio (with help of party planner Jess Gordon) in the second segment.  The second chef really delivered a feeling of Tuscany in the decor of his dining area.  They used a rustic table surrounded by lots of plants and fruit, rustic candles and a candle chandelier.  These natural elements were both hanging from a trellis and on and surrounding the table.  In the episode they showed how easy it is to bring a Tuscan family feel to your dining area.  Just the elements of plants, fruit and candles will bring a Tuscan ambiance to your dining area.  Adding furniture and a candle chandelier with a rustic feel will complete the Old World atmosphere.  The basic elements of Tuscan dining are food, nature and rustic furnishings.  I really enjoyed seeing how this contestant was able to bring these elements together to create a warm Italian family dining experience for Rocco’s guests.  To see more go to

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pick of the Week- SEI Coat Tree and Bench

We love this SEI Coat Tree and Bench! A coat tree and bench unit is a great idea to keep your entryway or mud room tidy.  This decorative corner unit bench features beautiful metal scrollwork, four hooks for hats and coats and an elegant wood slated bench. A useful shelf is located under the bench for storage of shoes, books etc. This elegant bench unit is a perfect solution to all your entryway needs. This handy piece is also great idea for small spaces. Visit http://www.cheapchicdecor/ for more details.

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