Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Are Reed Diffusers?

Reed diffusers are vessels filled with fragrant oil and reeds to bring a scent into a space. Reed diffusers use natural reeds to draw a fragrance into the air. They are simple to use. First, fragrance oil is placed in a container. Reeds are then placed into the container to pull the fragrance oil through the reeds. This slowly releases the aroma into the room.

Create a spa-like feel in any room with a reed diffuser. Use for aromatherapy in your bath or bedroom. Create a tranquil feel in your family room or living room with a reed diffuser.

There is no flame in a reed diffuser, so they are a great alternative for places where candles are not permitted. They are perfect to use in offices or dorms.

Reed diffusers are decorative as well as functional. They will add a fragrant, warm, and relaxing element to any space. For more details and a wide selection of reed diffusers visit http://www.cheapchicdecor.com/.

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