Monday, April 11, 2011

Wine Storage Can Make A Statement

Wine storage can be both practical and decorative. It is not limited to traditional wine cabinets and freestanding racks anymore. There are many whimsical and decorative wine holders available that can provide a convenient place to store some bottles as well as providing wall decoration. How you choose to store your wine can make a statement about you.

Wine cabinets and racks are more than just places to store bottles and glasses today. They are decorative additions to your home. They are useful to have on hand where you cook, eat and entertain. The storage can be traditional or unique.

A traditional wine cabinet or rack with open or closed storage for bottles and wine glasses is a great addition in any dining room or living room. Cabinets are constructed of wood and range from tall pieces to buffet size cabinets. Racks can be made of wood, iron or metal. They come in many shapes and sizes. Smaller racks can be placed on a counter, mounted under a cabinet, or placed on the floor. Larger racks can even be designed as an accent table, providing a decorative addition to your room.

Many decorative options are also available for wine storage today. Some wine racks are designed as wall art. They will add color and interest to your wall, as well as providing a useful place to store a few bottles. A brightly colored metal wall art rack is a great fit for a dining room. A playful iron pouring wine bottle would be a nice wall décor for a kitchen or casual dining room.

When choosing your wine storage solution, it is necessary to take into account the room you are going to use it in. Is your room formal or informal, traditionally furnished or modern? The storage piece you purchase should blend with your existing décor. For example, a whimsical waiter wine stand might not be the perfect choice for a formal dining room.

The amount of storage you need and the space you have available is also important to consider. An under the cabinet mounted rack would be a great option for a small apartment. A tall traditional wood cabinet would be ideal for a large room with high ceilings.

With the many wine storage options available today, it is easy to find the right storage for your home. Overall, remember to consider the type of storage you need as well as the décor of the room you are going to use it in. Check out the wide array of wine storage options that are available at

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