Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuscan Colors

Tuscan decorating brings the colors of Mother Nature into your home.  Typical colors used to bring a Tuscan feel to a room are earth tones such as warm shades of brown, red, yellow and green. One way to achieve this is by choosing one of these colors for the paint on your walls.  This palate can also be brought into your room with the accessories you choose.  For example, colorful plates hung on a wrought iron plate rack will bring an Old World feel to your space.  Warm red throw pillows and ceramic or terra cotta vases filled with flowers will add a Tuscan look to your living room.  Colorful backsplash tiles and a rustic, dark wood farmhouse table will bring a classic Italian feel to your kitchen.  Tuscan colors create a warm and inviting space.  I love to use burgundy, olive green and a warm yellow gold when creating a Tuscan palate in a room.  Overall, it is easy to bring the feeling of Tuscany to your space with warm colors in your accessories and wall décor.  Check out the expansive selection of Tuscan wall décor and accessories available at

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