Monday, April 4, 2011

Bring a Tuscan Feel to Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

It is easy to bring a Tuscan ambiance to your kitchen. A primary aspect of Tuscan decorating is to bring nature inside. That can be achieved by placing bowls of fresh fruit on your counter or tabletop. You can also do this with plants. Place plants in large rustic planters on the floor, pots on your windowsill or placed in plant stands. Fresh flowers in metal or ceramic vases are another way to bring nature into your kitchen.

Another way to express a Tuscan feel in your kitchen is to bring the warm colors of nature into the space. For example, paint the walls a warm shade of yellow. Introduce other colors of nature with your accessories. Ceramic plates in rich, warm colors hung in decorative plate holders on the wall, displayed on the counter or in a glass cabinet are another great way to add an Old World touch to your kitchen. Wall art, such as a wrought iron clock or wall grill, and rustic framed art are other great touches. A farmhouse table covered with a green or rust colored tablecloth, or place mats and matching napkins will further enhance the look. Overall, a Tuscan feel can easily be added to your existing kitchen through careful use of color and accessories. For more ideas visit

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