Monday, March 28, 2011

Wall Sconces Are Great Wall Decor

Candle Sconces are a great addition to any room.  I like to use them to dress up a dining room or living room wall.  They are also a great way to add interest in your entry hall, or to bring an accent color into any room.  There are so many different kinds of sconces available today.  They range from classic hurricane glass sconces to ornate wrought iron and metal sconces.  Some sconces are sold as pairs, while others are sold individually. When choosing a sconce, keep in mind the scale of the room as well as the wall you want to hang it on.  A very large sconce would over power a small wall.  Likewise, a sconce that is delicate and smaller would be lost on a large wall.  It is a good idea to take the decor already in the room into account when choosing a sconce.  You want to blend the sconce with the look you already have or are trying to achieve.  For example, a wrought iron sconce set with a fleur de lis design would enhance a Tuscan dining room.  A shiny modern sconce would be awkward in that space.  Overall remember to take into account your room's decor and the size of your space when choosing a sconce, and you will have great success using them to enhance your room.

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